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RapidAir Tire Sealant

RapidAir Tire Sealant

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Our new RapidAir Tire Sealant was custom-designed in tandem with our new RapidAir tires and Roval wheels to be the fastest tire setup out there. Through development, we learned that high-pressure, 24-30mm tires require a totally different formula to seal punctures. Our new exclusive mixture not only immediately seals punctures up to 3mm across a large range of temperatures, but unlike other sealants, RapidAir sealant will also keep its seal when you reinflate back to normal riding pressure. Seals instantly with minimal pressure lost.

Compatible with CO2.

Performs in a wide temperature range (-20° – 70°C).

Creates the strongest plug after sealing.

No damage to bike parts.

Recommended sealant amount per tire: Tire size 24-26mm - 40ml 28-30mm - 50ml For Maximum performance, use 60ml for any 24-30mm


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